artist statement

In my creative and performance processes, I strive to provide audiences and performers with a transformational experience rooted in human to human interaction. I fuse choreography and storytelling inside a curated performance ecology to challenge audiences and performers using active participation and co-creation. The objective is to go beyond simply creating a visual experience; I create relationships within settings that challenge all involved to bring their own life experience and creativity to the fore.  In this environment, audiences witness not only the stories of others, but also their own. 

I am committed to creating an individualized and one-on-one experience where no performance will be ever duplicated. In doing this, I am constantly inspired to straddle the line between absolute liberty and control. I am fascinated by generating a creative paradigm that accesses the verbal, visual, and kinesthetic worlds. I use the human body and dance as my means to stimulate an instinctive and empathetic response to examine intense social and political issues motivated by change.

Through my work, I create a sense of community and promote the solidarity of a collective. I sharpen the awareness of me, you, and us together as one in this world. I provide a voice to those affected by social and political injustices and, in turn, transform audiences by granting them the permission to hear their stories, watch their bodies react, and physically feel their struggle. This type of setting allows me to tell not only my story, but also the stories of others, thereby creating a unifying effect founded on the complicity of human relationships.


Photo by David J. Deveau

Photo by David J. Deveau

TWENTY-FIVE: An Interactive Dance Theatre Experience

TWENTY-FIVE is an interactive dance theatre experience inspired by personal accounts of the effects of mass incarceration in the American prison system. Through a curated world of family dinners, confined spaces, and imaginary Plexiglas partitions, TWENTY-FIVE engages only fifteen audience members in a unique and individualized journey to explore the things left undone and unsaid as life is uprooted by a set of unexpected circumstances. 

Premiered at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, March 2017

Photo by Jonathan Kinsey

Photo by Jonathan Kinsey

Perspectives on Space: In Three Movements  

Perspectives on Space: In Three Movements is a collaborative work between choreographers, Jaime Frugé-Walne and Margaret Leary, and technology designer and composer, Jonathan Kinsey. Perspectives is 3-part work inspired by different perceptions on space and human interaction. Each movement explores the varying interpersonal relationships and social interaction ranging from large collectives to complete isolation. Using movement, technology, space, and gravity, Perspectives utilizes lighting and technology design in conjunction with a 3x3 platform to challenge audiences perception of movement and physical space. 

Premiered at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, April 2016

Movement: Isolation performed at CounterCurrent Festival's Ten Tiny Dances, April 2016

Photo by Lynn Lane

Photo by Lynn Lane


Integration is a multimedia dance project that explores the idea of social conformity and what happens to humanity when Earth as we know it no longer exists. The evening length work presents a visually stimulating environment that promises to capture the audience’s imagination of a world where humans no longer identify with individuality and conform to the larger social mass.

Premiered at Frenetic Theatre, Houston, TX, August 2015

Performed at Houston's Fringe Fest at The Barn Theatre, Houston, TX, September 2015